Collision Repair and Auto Body Shop Near Glastonbury CT

Bolton Collision Repair Inc. would like to introduce our collision repair and auto body services to the Glastonbury area. Bolton Collision is a top auto body shop serving central and eastern Connecticut. If you are like most people, you don’t think twice about auto body shops… until you sustain damage to your car. When you least expect it, your car can be involved in a minor scrape, a fender bender, a door dent in your workplace parking lot. After your own car needs auto body repair, that’s all you can think about – will your insurance company choose a shop for you? Whether you suffer a small scrape or need your quarter panel replaced, call the repair specialists at Bolton Collision. With Bolton Collision, you will have the peace of mind knowing the job will be done correctly by certified specialists. Whether you suffer a small scrape, you crumple your fender or need a quarterpanel replaced, call the collision repair specialists at Bolton Collision.

Why settle for the repair shop on your insurance company’s list when you have the right to choose. Choose Bolton Collision Repair Inc., the best auto body shop in the Glastonbury CT area. We at Bolton Collision want to be your auto repair shop should you find yourself in need of body work this season. We hope you never have an accident – but if you need auto body repairs in Bolton CT, call Bolton Collision at 860-646-0466. Remember that your auto repair will be done right the first time at Bolton Collision. We are located on Route 6 in Bolton next to Munson’s Chocolates.

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