Why Choose Bolton Collision?

Dave Wilson has owned and operated our Auto Body Shop Bolton Collision Repair, Inc. for over 25 years, along with Mary Ann Rio as office manager. We know that having an accident can be a major disruption in your life and daily routine. For that reason, every convenience will be extended to you. We offer the ultimate in hassle free claims and repair procedure.


Step 1 – Bring your vehicle to us. If you feel it is unsafe to drive, we will arrange to have it towed here, at no cost to you.

Step 2 – We submit the insurance claim forms and negotiate with the insurance carrier on your behalf at no cost to you.

Step 3 – We arrange a rental vehicle – pickup and return handled right at our office.

Step 4 – We complete your quality repair using state-of-the-art equipment and procedures (see photos)

Step 5 – We will clean your vehicle prior to delivery.

Step 6 – We issue a guarantee of our workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle

Bolton Collision


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