Auto Body Shop Near Glastonbury CT

Bolton Collision Repair is the premier auto body shop serving Glastonbury and surrounding towns. When is the last time you actually paid attention to the auto body shops in your area? Until your car is damaged, you and many other people just haven’t thought about where they are going to have auto body work done to repair it. Sometimes you ask your neighbor if they can recommend a local auto body shop. You may get advice from your insurance agent, and you may be asked to choose the shop that is contracted with them. In a fender bender, sideswipe, rear-end crash, or other car or truck accidents, you will want to get your damage repaired by the best auto body shop in the area. At Bolton Collision, we can fix all nicks, scratches, chips and dents. In Connecticut, drivers have the option to choose the licensed repair facility that will fix your car or truck and get it back on the road. For over 25 years, Bolton Collision Repair has built a solid foundation and reputation in the community. We work to make the repair process smooth for our valued customers. The damaged vehicle is towed to our shop at no additional cost to our customers. We handle the insurance claim on your behalf. We complete your quality repair using state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. A replacement rental or courtesy vehicle will be furnished for you while your car is being repaired. So get your auto body collision repair done right the first time at Bolton Collision. We are located on Route 6 in Bolton next to Munson’s Chocolates. Call us at 860-646-0466 today!


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